Two Jamaican artistes have been left disappointed after they landed in Zimbabwe for the Harare Carnival which has been postponed.

Rory Pike and Gregory “Tafari” James are based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
“We just learned this morning that (the carnival) has been postponed). we got here yesterday, but we met the CE of the department of tourism, so he apologised and then explained the reason and we understand the situation,” Pike told The Standard.

“It’s like I have always wanted to visit Africa I have been in communication with a few artistes and the music generally is growing crazy and not only that, but the type of impact I am hoping to have as far as the positive influence, social changes I feel this was like just the perfect opportunity.

Tafari said : “I am here for two weeks, I am trying to work with all the artistes as much as we can, but when I leave here I would not mind if I do compilations with artistes from here to help them expose themselves.”