Sandra Ndebele has confirmed that the $80 000 (bond) and US$8 330 which was stolen is her money but insists that she is not a money changer.

“I am not an illegal money changer, but I am a musician who doubles as a businesswoman. Those who know me will tell you I am in various businesses which give me cash, so honestly having such a huge amount in my possession cannot be a question,” she said adding that she normally looks for forex when she is preparing for her usual trips to China and Dubai.

“I have been silent all along but I have realised that these people are up to no good,” Ndebele told Daily News.

“It’s a fact that the money which was stolen was mine and I want it back like now. There is something I don’t understand about this whole issue. The incident happened on a Monday and Moyo chose to report the matter to the police two days later.

“Now you find the police and State agents asking me where I got the money instead of investigating the theft of my hard-earned money. I am now left with no option but to approach the civil court for recourse to recover the money.”