Nelson Chamisa says he is mobilising his supporters to peacefully unseat President Mnangagwa.

 “We won, but they announced something different. Now, do we wait for 2023 while we know that we won the election? Is that possible? Now we are in the process of organising our supporters in the country so that we all have one aim, to say ‘what we voted for should be respected; the results that were announced are your own problem, but the vote of the people should be respected.
“The voters gave me the keys to State House, but the keys were stolen. We want our keys back. But for us to get these keys, we need strategic planning of the highest order so that we can do our things in peace and quiet. There is no army, no gun or weapon that can destroy anything whose time has come. So we are planning, plans that are smart and we hope that with your ideas, things will move smoothly," he told Newsday.