The Deputy Minister of Industry, Raj Modi says he will donate his monthly salary to the poor in Bulawayo.

“I am a successful businessman because of the people of Bulawayo. I am a Member of Parliament because of the people of Bulawayo and I was appointed Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce because I am a Member of Parliament, so I am a Minister because of the people of Bulawayo. While I can thank them all through words, I am compelled to show my gratitude by helping the under-privileged in our city. Therefore, I am making an undertaking to donate my entire salary every month to the needy. I will not touch or use a cent from that money. It will go to the poor, especially the children whom I love so much. I will also give to women, orphans, the elderly and people living with disabilities.”

Modi is the only Zanu PF MP in Bulawayo.