Mai Rwizi says she suffered during her acting days and she will never act again.
“When I look back at that time, I say thank you God for saving me because I used to work with no substantial compensation. The work that we used to do, it was hard, I got sick at one time, I had a serious cough but could not stay at home. I needed to go there because people wanted us, they wanted to see me.

“It seemed as if I would die on that stage but I would just carry on, I don’t wanna go back there, I suffered, I rested when I got my calling. People would not want to see me missing on that stage,” she told the Daily News.

Although she will never go back into acting, the 84-year-old said she would not mind singing gospel.

“But I am afraid of being mocked, can you not see I’m now old. The industry seems to have changed now though it seems things have changed in terms of recording and getting payments.

“I would not mind singing and preaching the gospel to get people saved. But acting, no.”