A Zvishavane woman broke down in court saying her husband was failing to satisfy her in bed.

Wendy Mashandure (26) of Highlands in Zvishavane told a magistrate that her hubby, Peter Chandiregera (32) tired very quickly in bed and looked the other way. If she compalins, he beats her up.

“I don’t understand why it is difficult for him to satisfy me in bed because he is not always with me, when he comes back for his off-days I expect him to be sexually hungry but he comes and assaults me every time I try to complain about the matter. I’m also a human being, I need to be happy and satisfied,” Mashandure is quoted as saying by the Masvingo Mirror.

But Chandiregera said that his wife was now an irritant to him. He said that she was always talking about s.ex and as a result he was planning to move out of the house and stay at Unki Mine where he works.

 “She annoys me because every time it’s all about s.ex. She comes even when I’m eating to tell me that she is waiting for me so that we have s.ex.”

Chandiregera has been charged with assaulting his wife. He said he only attacked her when she demands to be intimate.

The trial is continuing.