Zodwa Mkandla has told a Harare magistrate that Genius Kadungure was still her husband.

She said he was innocent of the fraud charges as he had been given stolen money by Wicknell Chivayo. “He is my husband, we stay together and Chivayo even phoned me saying, ‘sister I’m sorry I dragged Genius into this case’.
But Wicknell's lawyer asked her to clarify her relationship with Genius. She then admitted that she was not staying with Genius.
“He is my husband, but we are on separation. We are on separation and we don’t stay under the same roof anymore,” she said.
Wicknell's lawyer then said :“You still want him and still want to jump into the bed of a man who tickles your mind. That’s why you are here to support him despite that you are on separation."
But Zodwa said she was just giving evidence as she knew it. The case continues.