President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa that he does not need his endorsement to be legitimate.

“We hope that maturity will visit him [Chamisa] some day and he realises that winners do not win on the goodwill of losers. So, the silence of Mnangagwa is not a weakness. He is a man of steel and wool, depending on which side you tickle him.”

“This narrative that the legitimacy of the president is made through acceptance of defeat by the opposition leader is a false narrative. If it did, we will not need the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission or the courts.

“We would need the say-so of the opposition, but there is no human being who confers legitimacy on a person who won the plebiscite. It means you are placing yourself above courts, and all this prattling is to us prattle of an undersized political child,” his spokesman George Charamba told The Standard.