The kombi driver who crashed his vehicle into VP Chiwenga’s motorcade has been jailed for an effective two-and-a-half years.

The court heard that on August 24, Silas Hungwe failed to control his vehicle along Borrowdale Road and hit Vice President Chiwenga’s vehicle on the side. No one was injured, but the vehicles were damaged.
“The accused (Hungwe) has been found guilty of the crime as he failed to perform the required pre-vehicle checks before he drove his vehicle. This is something he would have known had he been taught during the driver’s licence lessons as required before one drives.

“Therefore he has been found guilty and I sentence him to an effective 12 months in prison for driving without a licence and he is also not allowed to drive any car in the same class with commuter omnibuses for the rest of his life. For the accident, I sentence him to 18 months in prison and these sentences are to be served consecutively,” said the magistrate.