Snake charmer, Chawatama Marimo says his family fears for his safety each time he goes out for a job.

“I’m sure that they worry about my health. Whenever I go out I think they must wonder whether I’ll be fine or not because what I do is fairly dangerous. They’re used to it now of course but I think that it must be hard for them,” said Chawa who has been charming snakes for 20 years.

“I always approach animals with respect. Whenever I see a snake, the one thing that I give it is the respect because I’m aware of the damage that it can do. I guess you can say that respect comes from fear. If you approach a snake with 100 percent surety and no fear that’s when you get into trouble. That fear is very important,” he said.

“I know how to hide it. Animals sense fear. It’s all about body posture and I’m sure that if you enter a hide and you show fear then even dogs will bite you. What’s important is not to act like prey. If you act like prey then automatically you become prey,” he said.

The self taught snake handler said that he would not want any of his family members doing what he does. While the father of two allows his children to touch non-venomous snakes when he is around, he does not want them to grow up and do what he does for a living.

“I wouldn’t want them to handle snakes the way that I do. I have told them to never approach snakes under any circumstances when I’m not there. I have taught them to respect animals which I feel is the most important thing. I let them touch the non-venomous snakes when I’m home,” he said.