One of the women said to have had an affair with the late Morgan Tsvangirai, has fallen on hard times in Bulawayo.

Aqcuilinia Kayidza Pamberi, is set to lose  a Mercedes Benz and Nissan Hardbody over unpaid debts.

Pamberi and Tsvangirai were linked after Pamberi’s late husband Jacob Mandeya made an impassioned plea to the MDC leader to stay away from his wife.

Mr Mandeya suspected that Tsvangirai was dating his wife behind his back. Before he died, Mandeya alleged that he suspected that Tsvangirai was having an affair with his wife and had caused untold suffering at his home and traumatised his two daughters.

The Sunday News reports that Pamberi might be arrested as she is facing a criminal case where she allegedly conned her friend — Ms Irene Chinyanda of $5 000.

Ms Chinyanda met Pamberi in the CBD, where she told the latter that she was seeking to raise $575 to pay the Deputy Sheriff for a writ of execution for a case that was ruled in her favour at the High Court.

 Pamberi told Ms Chinyanda that she had a connection who wanted $10 000 in cash, so that he could assist her with the matter. Ms Chinyanda is reported to have told Pamberi that she did not have $10 000 but had $5 000, which she transferred to her bank account.
But she was lying and failed to repay the money leading to the matter being reported to the police.
Pamberi initially appeared in court on 13 September, with the matter being remanded to 15 October this year. Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya presided over the matter.