The State is seeking to amend the charges against Wicknell Chivayo after a High Court judge said the case against him was weak.

Wicknell is accused of swindling the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) of over $5 million, money laundering and violating Exchange Control Regulations. Justice Benjamin Chikowero, ruled that the case was more of a civil dispute between Intratrek and ZPC.

The defence argued that just like the old charges, the amended charges do not disclose an offence and the defence wants all the charges to be dropped and Wicknell to be acquitted.

“Your Worship, we have intentions to amend the charges. However, we are seeking for a postponement, we need to go through the document produced by the defence before we find which way to go," said the prosecutor.

Adv Uriri said once his client has pleaded, the State cannot amend the charges.