I have just returned home from New York, bringing to a close an important week in the history of Zimbabwe, a week in which we began our full reintegration into the international community.

Much was discussed, and there are many insights to take home with us. We met with world leaders and diplomats, the top media organisations and America’s most serious investors. Wherever we went, the new Zimbabwe and its humble representatives were welcomed with open arms. Optimism was in the air, with great excitement from all quarters about the new dawn for our beloved homeland and the possibilities this creates.

I invited the heads of leading international corporations to visit Zimbabwe so that they may learn for themselves about the safe and mutually beneficial investment opportunities we have to offer. With their help we will continue to build our country.

Those we met were impressed by the bold economic and political reforms we are undertaking, and our commitment to bringing progress, prosperity and real change to Zimbabwe.

We have truly opened a new chapter in our relations with the world. In this new era, and in partnership with the international community, the sky is the limit. Zimbabwe is back on the map!

I wish you all a blessed weekend.