Alick Macheso was left fuming after this drama his the streets of Harare. “I’m actually shocked to hear that there is a Shona drama I am said to have written being sold in street corners.

“It’s sad that there are people who want to reap where they did now sow as well as using other people’s music for their own good. I have never played a part in that drama and I also hear they used my songs as backtracks without my permission, which is a serious offence, which can land someone in jail,” Macheso told H Metro.

Macheso said he was only contacted by one of the producers when the drama had been completed.

“It appears it dawned to them that they had committed a serious offence and decided to pay me a visit “I told him that I could not help you since they had already done their project without my consent.”

Macheso said he will now take legal action. The producers said they were misled and would engage Macheso on the way forward.