This is businessman Elton Chitanda (29) and his wife Fadzai Chivende (25) who were intimate in a hospital ward in Masvingo.

The couple has been fined $75 by Magistrate Peter Madiba who admonished them for what they did.

"How big is your appetite to an extent that you had to follow your wife to hospital? Why don't you let people die in peace instead of disturbing them with funny noise that you were making?" asked Madiba.

The Masvingo Mirror reports that Chitanda said he did not have sexual intercourse with his wife but they only hugged and kissed before he tucked himself in with her on the bed to sleep.

The court heard that the two had sexual intercourse in full view of Patricia Vuma, Varaidzo Chinomwe and other admitted patients.

Asked why he behaved that way in the ward, Chitanda said he had not seen his wife for two days and he therefore decided to follow her to hospital.