Two armed robbers broke into Ginimbi’s night club warehouses and stole $12 000 worth of liquor.

Timothy Hamunakwadi, 28, and Hussein Goche, 23, both from Chitungwiza, have pending cases ranging from robbery to theft before the Harare Magistrates’ Courts. The Daily News reports that they committed the current offence while on bail pending appeal against a 12-year sentence that they were serving.

The court heard that Hamunakwadi and Goche went to Sankayi night club and broke a window pane using a stone. The duo proceeded to open the window and gained entry into club Sankayi warehouse.

“Whilst inside the night club warehouse, the accused stole 6 mopet nectar whiskey, 2 velvie rich gleo whiskey, 1 sweet ups, 26 grog whiskey, 11 Johnie walker black, 6 Sky vodka, 2 Johnie walker, 2 tecquilar gold,” said the prosecutor.

She added that they also stole an HP computer CPU, a Dell computer monitor, two Nikon cameras, a black HT laptop and two microphones.