Psychology Maziwisa has fallen on hard times and wants to sell one of his properties to pay school fees for his child.

Maziwisa is seeking the appointment of Pamellah Musimwa as a legal representative for the 12-year-old boy, born on June 19, 2006.

“I am the biological father of the minor child (name withheld) ... The minor’s mother is Thandeka Zimu, a South African citizen, whose supporting affidavit is accompanying this application. In 2006, I purchased a piece of land being stand number 14063 Tynwald Township of stand number 12 891 Tynwald Township for our minor child, which property is registered in the said minor’s name…

“I now seek to sell and dispose of this property in order to purchase a smaller and cheaper property for the minor as I require the extra contribute towards (the child)’s education and other expenses,” he said.

The Master of the High Court has not yet responded to the application filed on Wednesday.