Sniper Storm called in the cops after his pregnant lover stole booze from his bedroom. Sniper, real name Donald Chirisa was furious when Paidamoyo Mpompoma, 25 who recently eloped to him broke into his bedroom and stole his liquor.

Paidamoyo has appeared in court and was charged with theft and malicious damage to property. She was released on bail and ordered not to return to Chirisa’s residence where she had moved into as part of conditions.

The court heard that on August 23 Paidamoyo eloped to the father-of-three claiming that she was pregnant with his child and wanted to stay with him. Sniper allowed the woman into his house and told her that she would be using a spare bedroom until they “resolve” the matter and find an amicable way forward.

On August 27, Chirisa left for a show in South Africa and locked the  door to his bedroom where he kept food and alcohol locked. Sniper returned home on September 6 and discovered that Paidamoyo had used a knife to break into the bedroom and stole 12 bottles of liquor worth $350, spare keys of his Ex-Trail car and registration book.

The value of the damaged door is $60 and $300 worth of alcohol was recovered.