Nespresso is poised to add Zimbabwe to the list of trendy African coffees.

The unit of Nestle SA plans to start selling limited-edition Zimbabwe capsules in May in 15 countries including the U.S. and the U.K., according to chief executive officer Jean-Marc Duvoisin. Nespresso has been working with non-profit partner TechnoServe since 2017 to revive the southern African nation’s struggling coffee sector and will spend $1.25 million over five years.

"We are rebuilding an industry that was disappearing," Duvoisin told Bloomberg in a phone interview. "They produced a lot of coffee before, so there’s a lot of history. Some people know Zimbabwean coffee but most have never tried it."

Nespresso has made a list of countries where coffee production has been in decline and has visited almost all of them to assess the potential to purchase high-quality coffee. The company was particularly drawn to Zimbabwean coffee because of its quality, Duvoisin said.
The Zimbabwe capsules will remain a limited edition for now, but the company would consider offering it all-year round if production increased enough, Duvoisin said.

"Many consumers never had the opportunity to taste Zimbabwean coffee," said Stewart of TechnoServe. "As production increases in the future, I expect we will see other companies getting interested in Zimbabwean coffee.”