Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede has made a U-turn and admitted that his officers erred by refusing to grant a passport to freelance journalist Violet Gonda,, who had been blacklisted by the government and denied the travel document.

Mudede said the freelance journalist is entitled to a passport and said the so-called “STOP LIST” administered by his office does not apply to her.

Mudede said Gonda encountered some “administrative problems” with a junior officer who attended to her but should have “escalated” her issue to a senior person in his office.

The RG charged that filing of the court application could have been avoided had Gonda referred her issue to a senior person in his office or to himself directly.
The matter is yet to be heard and determined by the High Court. Gonda is being represented by Denford Halimani of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.