A Bulawayo couple who were set to wed left their families in a quandary after they fled to South Africa. The bride Sisasenkosi Sulu and groom Mandlenkosi Maphosa had been rumbled after conniving to steal groceries worth $ 2000 from Choppies.

Sisa was arrested before being remanded out of custody for the theft. After posting bail, she escaped to South Africa following her partner Maphosa who had managed to flee from the scene where they were caught loading groceries.

B Metro reports that their wedding went ahead without them, with a 13-year-old boy and a 21-year-old young women being roped in as substitutes.

“Some of the relatives did not know that Maphosa and Sisa were fugitives. Therefore they were totally shocked when they saw a young couple walking down the aisle to get married.
“They made wedding vows and all, except for signing the marriage certificate,’’ said Mthabisi  Moyo, one of the relatives.

‘‘It was not fun at all, because after spending a lot of money on outfits and presents, it was just matope (child’s play),” said Nothabo Moyo, another relative of the couple.