This is Victor Ndebele and Concilia Phiri who were caught naked being intimate in an office in broad daylight at Turk Mine in Bulawayo.

A security guard heard noises coming from one of the offices and went to investigate. He found the two married love birds at it.

Turk Mine worker’s chairperson Elvanos Mugure  confirmed to B Metro but refused to open up on the issue.

‘‘I cannot say much, but I can confirm that there is an issue of love affair being investigated. These two were caught having sex during working hours, go back to your sources and they will tell you everything,’’ he said.

But a source revealed that the pair have since been sacked. “Phiri was the first one to go; she was fired on 15 August at around 4pm. Then Ndebele’s doomsday was delayed by a week as he was axed on Wednesday 22 August,” said the source.