A Bulawayo socialite Terminator Makoni said he was nearly scammed by Nigerian fraudster masquerading as Prophet Walter Magaya on Facebook.

Makoni said he sent a friend request to the Facebook account, with the belief it was Prophet Magaya and was astonished and elated when he got a response.

“I sent a request to the account thinking it was the prophet. He gave me a false prophecy, where he told me that I had enemies, who intended to end my life by causing me to be involved in an accident.
“He then instructed me to read the book of Psalms and fast for two days. Thereafter he told me to make an offering to one orphanage called Mother Theresa’s Home and gave me an account name and number — Orobosa Ekhaguere, Skye Bank 3048676241,” said Makoni.

Makoni said, after briefly communicating with the impersonator, he requested for a number which they could communicate via WhatsApp.

“He gave me a number to chat via WhatsApp. He told me he was in Nigeria for a Christian summit and I believed him. It was while we were chatting that he kept asking me if I had sent a “donation”. He kept asking me about the money and I began to smell a rat.

“So I started talking to him in Shona and he could not even respond in the language. It was then that my suspicions had been asserted. When I asked him if he was the real prophet Magaya he told me that I would be punished by God and my  blessings would not come to pass,” said Makoni.

He added that he was also surprised as to how the account would be active even on Sundays during church services.