A university student was shocked when she found £1,000 inside a pair of trainers she bought on eBay.

She then stunned the seller by returning the cash. Ella Gilman, 19, told the Daily Mail 'My reaction when I saw the money was shock. I opened the shoes and found an envelope stuffed in the shoe, thinking she had just stuffed the shoe to keep them from creasing.

'I thought, if I had lost that substantial amount of money, I would hope someone would return it to me also.

'I was glad I had returned the money, to see how grateful Laura was and how upset she was without the money. I was also really surprised that Laura refunded me the money for the shoes.'

Previous owner  Laura Hazeldine had saved the cash, but didn't get round to putting it in the bank after her local branch closed. Instead, she hid it in her house for safe-keeping - then forgot where she had left it.

“It means so much more to me than just returning the money. I refunded her the money for the trainers and I'm sending her some vouchers too. I want to figure out a way to thank her and I'm hoping there's a festival or restaurant which will be able to do something nice for her.