Former First Lady, Grace Mugabe now says President Mnangagwa's leadership is God-given .

She said President Mnangagwa had chartered a new aircraft to fly her back to Harare from Singapore where she was receiving medical treatment, to mourn her mother. Mrs Mugabe said this demonstrated President Mnangagwa’s kindness.

“We used to travel using commercial flights during our tenure as the First Family. That has changed,” she said.

“President Mnangagwa charters a flight. It just takes us a phone call. It was a beautiful plane, a brand new Gulfstream 650 from Qatar.

“If I get rich I will buy such an aircraft. I have never boarded such a plane. The crew told me that I was the first person to board it. It is my dream plane. I felt comforted. VaMnangagwa comforted me. If it takes my mother’s death for us to restore our old friendship, then let it be.

“VaMnangagwa loves us. He knows we love him too. We pray for him because it is God’s will that he is President of the country. We pray that he be given the wisdom to lead the country.”

Mrs Mugabe said before leaving for Beijing, China, last week, President Mnangagwa left a message assuring them that Government, through Vice President Constantine Chiwenga, would take care of their funeral expenses