A wife has denied her husband his conjugal rights since 2015 after he lost his job.
Sineke Dube has told a Bulawayo magistrate that his wife, Thembelihle Mguni has since deserted him. The couple have one child.

 “I was customarily married to Thembelihle Mguni but she left me to stay with her parents. I have since instructed a go-between to go to her parents who told them that I had decided to end my customary marriage with their daughter and that she should come and collect her belongings.

“Despite the fact that we no longer had any intimate relationship she is always visiting me. At one time she visited our homestead in Esigodini in my absence and broke down the doors before she took some of the household property.

“During the subsistence of our marriage she didn’t want to sleep with me. Whenever I try to have  s.ex with her she would push me away while acting like someone who is possessed.
“She started denying me my conjugal rights in 2015 when I lost my job and it is now the reason why I decided to terminate our marriage. I also no longer want her to visit our homestead,” said Dube.

B Metro reports that Mguni said : “We were always fighting and he is the one who was abusing me. Another issue is that he is not working and it was difficult for me to stay with him as I was the one who was always providing everything for the family.

As for stopping me from visiting the homestead I don’t think it’s a good idea because we built that homestead together and the dissolution of our marriage is also yet to be finalised,” responded Mguni.

The magistrate Tinashe Tashaya said Dube should not bar Mguni from visiting their homestead until their divorce was finalised.