A Zimbabwean based in Canada was left distraught after discovering that her husband has another wife in Bulawayo.

She now wants him deported. Sikhathele Nkala got married to Edward Khulekani Vundla in Bulawayo unaware that Vundla was traditionally married to Melody Sithole. She then brought him to Canada.

But after three years in Calgary Alberta, Nkala received the shock of her life when Sithole contacted her and revealed that Vundla was her husband and that they had a son. Narrating her ordeal Nkala blamed Vundla for using her to go to Canada.
“It was all a strategy. Vundla only wanted to come to Canada, that is why he married me, he never loved me. I sponsored him and made sure his documents were approved. I didn’t know he had paid lobola for another woman,” said Nkala.

 “He wants to compensate me but I don’t want any compensation. I want Vundla to go back to Zimbabwe. He should go back and stay with his wife and son,” Nkala told BMetro.
Nkala said when she told Vundla’s mother, Jester Zikhali, about her plight she said “tough luck”.

Melody Sithole who said she was Vundla’s wife.
“Vundla paid lobola for me.  We have a son together. There is a time when I found out Vundla had married another woman, but he told me they separated.
Vundla said life goes on.

“Since Nkala has moved on with her life I have also moved on with mine. I wanted things to work out but when she discovered that I had a son her temper flared so I did not have a chance to properly talk to her. I thought she would calm down but she didn’t,” said Vundla.