Wicknelll Chivayo had the door shut in his face when he wanted to attend the Miss Zimbabwe pageant and flaunt his cash.

VP Chiwenga reportedly told Wicknell that he was not welcome. “He indicated he wanted to donate towards the pageant. The Vice-President (Chiwenga) and his wife (Marry) were already there. Vice-President Chiwenga did not mince his words, telling Chivayo he did not want to see his donation,” a source told Newsday.

After the snub, Wicknell decided against attending the event. Wicknell referred questions to the Miss Zimbabwe Trust.

“Talk to them, they will tell you what happened,” he said, before dropping the call.

Miss Zimbabwe Trust spokesperson Tendai Chirau promised to consult on the issue. “Let me consult because I don’t know about this,” he said.