Businessman Frank Buyanga is not a ZAOGA reverend as he claims. Buyanga attends the ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries founded by Ezekiel Guti, where he is known for donating lavishly and has the church title of “elder” despite his relative youth.

The Standard reports that church officials said Buyanga’s apparent misrepresentation had gone uncorrected because of fears he would turn off the taps to his fortune.

So afraid of the millionaire businessman’s wrath, the church officials were giving an off-the-record briefing in response to an e-mailed request for official comment. Asked if Buyanga was a reverend, a church official responded matter-of-factly: “No.”

After six years in self-imposed exile, Buyanga returned to Zimbabwe in late August to witness the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Buyanga, once described as a loan shark and hounded out of Zimbabwe after senior Zanu PF leaders failed to repay huge loans they had taken from his Hamilton Finance micro-lending company, was recently a judge for the Miss World Zimbabwe finals.