Former beauty queen Brita Masalethulini says she is not worried about losing her beauty of gaining weight.

The now radio presenter and businesswoman said :”I’ve never worried about losing my beauty. It has never been the basis of what I do. Beauty is fickle it could be here today and not there tomorrow. I’ve never taken facial beauty be the definition of who or what I am. Fortunately everyone is beautiful to someone in their own unique way. If I worried myself about how ugly I’ve become or how fat I’ve become I wouldn’t get anyway. Beauty has never motivated me and I’m more of a results oriented person.

“Yes you get people who look down on you because of your background in modelling. This is because people all have different perceptions about the industry and it all comes down to the people that you’re dealing with. I always try to make it clear that, look, I’m not just a personality but someone who’s serious about what she does,” she said.

“I never approach a business meeting using my beauty as an advantage. When I step into a business meeting I have set objectives that I have to achieve.

The name Brita Masalethulini might have some benefit in one meeting but it might also have the opposite effect in another,” she said.

 “I can’t say I’m different from other women that have won Miss Zim. I think that everything is about time and place and some of us get profiled in a way that just makes them seem more memorable. I just feel like I was just more aggressive in terms of how I marketed myself when I was on top and perhaps that stuck in people’s hearts,” she told Sunday Life in an interview.

“I feel like there’s a better crop of women that we don’t know out there. It’s just that maybe they haven’t been profiled right or haven’t heard the opportunity to be showcased in front of wider audiences. They’re certainly many women that I feel deserve to be put on the pedestal but maybe because of circumstances don’t get the prominence they deserve,” she told the Sunday News.