l lost a nephew,a brother,a youth, a fan, a motivator. There will never be any new memories from this moment going forward . I will forever look for ways in which the Vigilance crew can live whole, keeping the love,memories and closeness we shared.Death is unavoidable for all of us but through your promotion to glory in this state,happiness will more often be hard for us to find, we have to brace for its elusive state.

We are at a loss to understand how we can mould the blocks of your efforts to carry on realizing meaning in our lives. Definitely,you were not always an angel for some, I know you had strength even within your confirmed weaknesses, like all of us you made some bad choices but always made sure they would never affect the emotional bond we shared.

I know you put your energies where they reaped the most good for family and friends. We appreciated you more than you will now ever realise.

This grief amidst us feels more personal than new found love. We shall strive to ensure this grief does not overtake our love for you.

We never always agreed but never did we fight over it. Wherever you are I know you are at peace on account of the love you spread. I know one day we shall meet again and make more memories.