1. Message - Not reasonate with the ordinary folks. Not grassroot oriented, poor, disjointed and unappealing and flip flopped with open lies ref Trump issue, etc

2. Strategy/ Approach - Bottom to down, instead of opposite no household or village, street engagements. Only open rallies constituted the bulk of campaign .ZANU used double or multiple approach, engaged house hold units, open rallies business, whites infians, chiefs etc

3. Organisational framework/ Capacity - Very uncoordinated, office duties overlapped or usurped other duties not mandated. Created adhoc super committees which misfired or acted in unbecoming manner. Frustrated the party members and most of Tsvangirai leadership made redundant and ignored.

4. Candidates selection- imposition of candidates by the superiors. Preferred candidates sidelined, colleague based, relative or school mate based approach at the expense of those preferred by the public or party members. Double or multiple candidates, some unknown, new or straight from nowhere or those who paid for the ticket to contest.

5. Resources- no money, no regalia, empty campaign, not transport, no flyers nor any means to market the party. The whole leadership including the party organising team just followed Chamisa to every rally and did nothing on their own to campaign.

6. Polling Agents/ Polling Station man power and support - Some areas had no poling agents, demoralised agents, with no food, allowances, transport or communication means, airtime, bundles but money available to buy booze for those at harvest house or that that followed Chamisa in rallies etc, Zanu PF placed agents in every polling station.

7. Personality traits Immaturity outlook, instability ,nervousness, erratic, self aggrandisement, self esteem, unappealing ED was more stable, humble and dignified, no attacks, postured self to lure public, servant attitude, maturity and steadiness

8. The Alliance system - Devastated party members especially the MDC T( formerly united). Most people disliked alliance, the split of the party into two camps, one led by Thokozani Khupe and the other by Nelson Chamisa . Alliance brought no benefit as partners have very insignificant or no followers except the skeletal structures they have. These small parties just wanted a leverage and rejuvenation from MDC T.

10. Intra violence - The credibility of the Alliance was questionable. Mdc was born out of realisation of specific values and norms such as unity, peace, non violence, social cohesion etc. The Buhera saga, at deceased MT burial intra clashes, where Khupe, Mwonzora. Bhebhe, Gutu and other senior members were attacked and this sent wrong messages to the public. Some violent clashes occurred at Harvest House, as party members disgruntled on candidates imposition. No one party leadership ever condemned violence and instead dinned and danced with it or promoted it. The Vanguard despite the atrocities still operating.

11. Leadership/ Or presidential legetemacy- Most lay man overlooked it but there are many people who equated this to power grabing, tantamounting to dictatorship. The constitution addicts and protocols or procedures were avoided, and the greedy aspect took centre stage. There is no purpose of electing deputies or other leadership if any time one can subvert the constitution. This did not go well with the party members and other sympathisers. Entering presidential election with a mandate of less than 250 national council members is not democratic but dictatorial, when you must know that they are the ordinary people who form the majority of the party. History shows that people are more likely to participate, defend or vote for a candidate they nurture or generate. Donors don't see the clean aspect of such, hence no one willing to assist. As you come in so as you go an old adage.

12. Uholy Alliance - The link with Grace Mugabe, Robert Mgabe, Jonathan Moyo and the members of the old regime was not accepted well by the community. It is viewed as reversing the gains achieved, and bringing back the old dictator who put us in all this mess. Via Facebook