Two top lawyers have been arrested while trying trying to smuggle gold out of the country through the Plumtree Border Post.

Acting Prosecutor General Mr Kumbirai Hodzi said top lawyer, Admire Rubaya and another unnamed Harare lawyer were arrested.

He said the pair was part of a syndicate comprising top magistrates, prosecutors, police officers and immigration officers who systematically conducted corrupt activities which included smuggling of the country’s resources.

The arrests came after seven Plumtree police officers were last week apprehended over theft of 28kg of gold worth nearly $1 million at Plumtree Police Station.

“I don’t know who they are working for but what I know is that two lawyers have been arrested. I know there is one called Admire Rubaya and there is evidence that is coming in terms of unravelling the connections that were involved in the syndicate,” said Mr Hodzi.

“This is a massive smuggling ring which was involved in the smuggling of gold over a number of years. And it involves lawyers, my prosecutors, magistrates some in regional courts, police officers and other civil servants at the border were part of the syndicate.