I made one of scariest decisions of my life yesterday (and trust me I have made some outstandingly scary choices in my life) which was to get baptised into the body of Christ. I was invited to a week long church camp by my big brother and mentor OB. 

I slept 40% of the services because I was bored, church people make everything so remidial. I met a lady called Linda T who helped me understand what on earth was going on, she saved the other 40% of my time there. I made new friends. 100% of the people at the camp where shocked to see me there, hameno why. 

They made an alter call at least 3 times a day for the week but none of that was my business, I was just a guest! Yesterday morning the preacher delivered his sermon and through it all, I heard a voice in my heart and in my head, it was strong, it was warm, it was disarming. 

Not too sure how I ended at the front of the church but before you know it, I was getting ready to be baptized, my greatest fear was with all the bad I have done in my life when I stepped into that water it was going to burn and set alight, my type needed an exorcism first, but as the preacher dipped me into the water, I felt the presence of God all over me. I just want to say to the SDA family, thank you