Petronellah Kapeyapeya (18) who starred in Obert Chari’s hit video, Mebo, says her man is struggling to cope with her instant fame.

“I’m in love and the person I’m dating at the moment is called Kuda. He is 23 years old and we have been dating for a while and he loves me so much. However, he is now insecure because I am now popular.

Despite his fears that I might leave him for another man, I still love him and I won’t leave him. He is my man that I love and he dated me before I was famous. So it would be unfair for me to leave him because I am now popular.

Ever since I became popular, some men have been trying to seduce me but I have decided to stick to my principles. The best way to handle these men who want to propose love to is through ignoring them.

I’m really shocked by the newly found fame I have garnered ever since I starred in Obert Chari’s video as Mebo. I also did the backing vocals when he recorded it and I didn’t know that I would be that popular.

Honestly speaking, the popularity is too much, my phone is freezing with complimentary messages. A lot has changed ever since.”
She was speaking to H Metro.