Zim elections have shown how undemocratic and intolerant we are as people. Such intolerance exhibited mainly by social media keyboard warriors is beyond measure.  From my point of view, people seem to have become increasingly intolerant as a society, showing some anger and vilifying anyone who criticises politicians or political parties they support.

Intolerance means  unwilling to grant equal freedom of expression and choice to others. Why would such people claim to be fighting for democracy yet they want everyone to think, support and do things their way. These days people don't debate or  agree to disagree but their brains are so corroded with anger and hate that any opposition to what they  love you become an enemy.

It seems that no matter the subject, no matter the solution put forward, more and more people just attack not just the idea but the person putting forward the idea as well. If the criticisms were accompanied by some kind of creative solution, things might be different. However, criticism and cynicism seem to have become surrogates for actual involvement.

I would love to see our society learn to use our critical abilities toward more positive outcomes. If we can see the fault, then surely we can also see a workaround. If we can see what’s missing, surely we can also see what could be added to improve the situation. It's the same with our political leaders, we have the right to fact check them and criticise. If we criticise your leaders is not that we do so on behalf of anyone but we need to expose their shortcomings and make them accountable so as to become better leaders. Just stop bootlicking politicians especially when they are failing.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could advance another rung or two on the ladder of humanity, and abandon the intolerance that seems so widespread these days? Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn to use our differences to jointly create new solutions. We should be more concerned about the legacy of intolerance that we are creating as Zimbabweans just because of politics. Peace be with you! via Facebook