Emmerson Mnangagwa will be inaugurated when it becomes clear that there is no contestation of the result in court, according to Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba.

“Government does not announce its programmes through the social media. If the date has been set we will announce. How do you know that there won’t be a challenge to the results?  We wait for the seven days to lapse, if there is no legal challenge to the result, then naturally we will announce the date,” he said.

On ministers, Constitutional lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku said the Cabinet continues to carry out its duties before new ministers are sworn in.

“For the President there is one way of leaving office but for ministers there are two circumstances. If a new president is sworn into office who is different from the president who appointed them, they immediately cease to hold office.  But if the person who is sworn into office is the same person who was president before, then ministers do not lose their office until he appoints a new Cabinet,” he said.