President Mnangagwa will only serve one term in office if he wins in the impending election, according to his daughter..

“He knows that mistakes were made in the past and in many ways he is the one who is in the best position to put them right,” Farai Mnangagwa Mlotshwa told The Independent. “He will serve for just one term, but the country is in a very difficult position at the moment, and he is the right man for the job. He has been around for a long time and has the experience that is needed.”

On why her father did not make his move against Mr Mugabe much earlier? “No, there is a time for everything, it happened when it did. I think most people agree we need to look forward now. We think that Zanu-PF are going to win this election, but there are problems to solve for the government. The economy is the biggest one,” said Ms Mnangagwa Mlotshwa, who was in the country’s diplomatic service before starting a real-estate business.

“Yes, one can talk about a young candidate being motivational for people of that age, I am 42 myself. But I can think of plenty of other 40-year-olds who would make better candidates than Nelson Chamisa. He offers no solutions, just criticism, he treats people with disrespect. There are doubts about his character. I think there will be a lot of uncertainty if he comes to power,” she said.