This is Murudo Kamhara-Mutape and her husband, Allen Mutape. Murudo was the second-runner up in The Sunday Mail Bride of the Year 2017 competition.

They have nicknamed themselves the Mutape Alliance. “I have known this wonderful woman since 2012. I met her at the University of Zimbabwe during my mission to recruit freshmen to my church.

“She was among a group of students but everything just paused when I set my eyes on her. I knew I would marry her, there was something about the way she carried herself. I made sure that I got her number, of course under the guise of my mission but that was the launch of our love story,”  Allen told The Sunday Mail in in interview.

Murudo is in her final year studying Medicine at the University of Zimbabwe. She said she was named by her father.

“I’m told that while my mother was initially a bit scared at the prospect of having a child with albinism, my father fell in love with me the moment he saw me for the first time and named me Murudo to express his love and joy.”

The couple plan to have children "maybe in two years time."