Dear Harare Westerners, I am humbled by the overwhelming support that has come to our campaign this far. The many phone calls and messages that you send have only but strengthened our unshakable resolve to deliver change on 30 July 2018.

I have taken a lot of time to listen to many of the issues that you have raised with and these will form a key part of my Parliamentary 100-day plan. I have listened to vendors and business people struggling to find a win-win solution for coexistence at mainly Greencroft shops, Westgate mall and Mabelreign shops. I have listened to young people struggling with unemployment and the many residents in Westlea, Goodhope, Ashbrittle, Tynwald, Mabelreign, Ashdown Park, Sentosa, Sunridge, Marlborough etc suffering the scourge of poor service delivery.

Clearly, the problems are many and solutions are few. No one MP can honestly claim to have solutions. These problems clearly demonstrate how damaged our society and our country is. They demonstrate the hunger for change. As your MP, I am committed to be a facilitator, a negotiator and an ambassador for change. Together we will develop a *legislative agenda* that responds to our problems. We will mobilize our communities to hold our local authorities to account and deliver important social services that our people demand. We will ensure that the Government of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa delivers on our SMART policy document, a blue print for making Zimbabwe work again. In Parliament, we will deliver devolution as a development tool and framework for change.

Together we will make Harare West shine again! Together we will complete the change! Joana Mamombe