Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement has been rocked after DJ Tamuka had songbird Tahle’s new video for the song, Teleunga pulled from Youtube.

He claimed copyright infringement and Tahle was left seething branding DJ Tamuka’s decision as unprofessional.

Tahle’s manager Nyere Du Dubarah raged : “A healthy team practice would have been for the Dj ( Tamuka) to raise his concerns with his contractor MTM so issues could be resolved discreetly in house . To make an infringement claim on YouTube is tantamount to tarnishing the MTM brand and displaying its administrative challenges by going on the offensive takes our issues into the public which is very sad.”

Tamuka was the first one to work on the song but he did not complete it. Tahle then took it to DJ Maga. The video was produced by Simba Gee who was not happy when it was pulled. But now the issue has been resolved but the episode has exposed the tensions and poor management at MTM.