The case of the two explosion suspects, Douglas Musekiwa and John Zulu failed to take off yesterday in Bulawayo.

They were supposed to appear before a Bulawayo magistrate facing “insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism” charges.  But the two were whisked away by police officers following disagreements over how to proceed with the case involving court officials.

The Standard reports that public prosecutor Charles Danda professed ignorance about the alleged suspects’ whereabouts when magistrate Adelide Mbeure called out their names to appear before her at the Tredgold courts.

Sources said police tried to get warrants to further detain Musekiwa and Zulu without them appearing in court, but they were reminded that suspects must be produced in court within 48 hours after their arrest.

Sources said the police had tried several times to convince court officials to grant the application for further remand without Musekiwa and Zulu appearing in court, but without success.

“In terms of the law, that sort of application cannot be granted without the suspects appearing in court,” a court official said.

After failing to prevail on the court officials, the detectives whisked the suspects away. Zulu and Musekiwa were walking with great difficulty.

Sources said the detectives later tried to apply for further detention at the Western Commonage Magistrates Court in Mpopoma high-density suburb, but failed. The claim could not be independently verified.