War veterans have blasted President Mnangagwa sahying he has already forgotten them.

War Vets Association spokesperson Douglas Mahiya told NewsDay yesterday that the former fighters were not happy that after bearing the brunt of former President Robert Mugabe’s regime last rites, Mnangagwa seemed to have forgotten about them hardly seven months into office.

Mahiya said the war veterans had expected better from Mnangagwa, whom they defended with their skin, as Mugabe’s hangers-on bayed for their blood.

“The ZNLWVA has noted with serious concern that hardly less than six months, the nation has forgotten the brave and unwavering battles against Mugabe and his wife (former First Lady) Grace’s [Mugabe] endeavour and restless desire to establish a dynasty,” he said.

“When everyone went underground, wore iron clothes in defence of self, the majority went to hide in deep trenches as Mugabe and G40 rapidly fired at anyone whom he labelled Lacoste. Others feared the mad dogs of the Mugabe regime and decided to bootlick the corrupt, cruel and money-mongering counter-revolutionaries that the former president and those of his inner circle had become.”