Popular dancer, Bev Sibanda who has fallen out with her manger, Harpers, has returned home for a brief visit.

“I can only settle permanently in South Africa if my manager Harpers comes along, otherwise I will just go there, perform and come back home,” she told the Daily News. Harpers is now managing Eriza aka Lady Storm.

“Dancing in South Africa is rewarding though there is no freedom at all. In South Africa, I usually stage seven shows per week and unlike in Zimbabwe where we perform for at least four hours on stage, in South Africa the performances range from 20 minutes to an hour long.

But she denied that she uses juju to draw crowds.  “My capacity shows fuelled rumours that I use juju to lure crowds. I was confronted by a number of dancers and Djs in South Africa over the issue.
“I am just a good dancer, nothing else. In fact more and more South African dance groups are copying my dancing tactics which will push me do more.”