Ben Manyenyeni, the outgoing Harare Mayor, has savaged most aspiring councillors saying they are only after money.

Manyenyeni who is also the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe raged : “Being a councillor has become a job and a means of a living, a career, business and a pension when it’s supposed to be a service.

“Now, being a councillor has become the biggest job that we now do with minimum qualifications or with no qualification. You just have to have a degree in breathing and be over 21 years, but historically, it was for people who had something to offer in terms of their background in education, training and exposure to serve the city. Quite a number of councillors have nothing to offer except their bodies. They are not coming on particular strength or particular lines of confidence that I am a coming as a specialist around conservation, around water, law, health, finances. The capacity side is not on their CVs, so it’s the most difficult job that requires less qualification."

He was speaking at a UCAZ executive meeting in Vic Falls.