Vimbai Tsvangirai’s mother-in-law, Christine Java has revealed that the late MDC leader felt that he had not done something for his children, hence he wanted Vimbai to join politics.

“He wanted Vimbai to represent Mt Pleasant, but then he said there was [Jameson] Timba, one of his closest associates, hence he moved her to Glen View South. Neither Tsvangirai nor his late wife [Susan] enjoyed his toil that came with the formation of the MDC-T and this was his way of creating something for his children,” she said in an interview with Newsday.

But Glen View supporters have resisted. “I was shocked to hear reports that women from Glen View South claiming there is no candidate yet Vimbai is there. There is a former councilor (name withheld). Three weeks ago there was violence that left many injured. Vimbai came within a whisker of being attacked but she asked the victims to withdraw the charge to protect the party,” Java said.

“They threw rocks and broke window panes at the constituency offices and Vimbai has undertaken to repair the damage.”