Savior Kasukuwere was not a political refugee in South Africa, but enjoyed the status of a diplomat, according to State witness and principal immigration officer Godfrey Kondo.

Kondo said Kasukuwere should have brought before the court documents or evidence to show he applied for asylum in the neighbouring country.

Kasukuwere, through his lawyer Jonathan Samukange, denied the charge, saying if the State insisted on charging him for illegally exiting the country, then all former combatants who left the country to execute the liberate war should also be charged for contravening sections of the Immigration Act.
Samkange said his client’s case was no different to a war situation because he escaped following gunfire attacks at his house.

Kondo dismissed claims that Kasukuwere’s life was under threat, saying the former Zanu PF political commissar just panicked when he saw large groups of people marching in the city celebrating Mugabe’s departure.

But Samukange insisted that his client was under threat.
“Certain officials from the army said they were targeting criminals around Mugabe. Do you know some of the criminals around Mugabe who were targeted by the army?” Samukange asked.
Kondo said he did not know the said criminals.