The man who attempted to take a selfie with President Mnangagwa has been arrested. He has been identified as Moses Mavusa, a losing Zanu PF councillor from Masvingo. He sneaked through the barricades to reach the main stage at an open space in Gweru. Mnangagwa had to push him away.

Three members of Mnangagwa’s close security unit are also now in trouble.
Mavusa’s lawyer, Collin Maboke, confirmed to the Standard that his client was arrested and spent the night in custody before being fined $20 for criminal nuisance.

“For convenience purposes, I advised him to pay the fine to avoid unnecessary movements from Masvingo to Gweru since he is resident in Masvingo. But there was nothing criminal in his conduct, as he did that out of excitement and is a Zanu PF member who lost in the council primaries,” Maboke said.

Mavusa lost the Zanu PF primary polls to represent Ward 9 to businessman Takachida Mudekunye.