Vice President Kembo Mohadi and Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kachiri were airlifted to South Africa to receive medical treatment in South Africa.

Mohadi was seriously injured but is said to be recovering. Muchinguri-Kashiri was operated on, as shrapnel reportedly pierced her chest. She is also understood to be recovering as well.

This was revealed by President Mnangagwa who was speaking at State House in Tanzania after holding talks with host President Dr John Magufuli.

“You might be aware of the events that took place on Saturday when a hand grenade was thrown at me,” said President Mnangagwa. “But since you see me here, it means I am now fine. That was a minor incident, we are going to proceed with elections. We have opened up democratic space and we now have 133 political parties, but (for) President, we are better (than) Tanzania, we are 23 (candidates); here (in Tanzania), you had 42 candidates.”