Prophet Edd Branson says he was spat at by his followers when he dressed as a beggar and sat outside his church.
"I came, dressed as a beggar, dirty and filthy. Many of you did not recognise me as I was lying in front of the church. Many of you were disgusted, you spat at me before entering the church. Others were terrified. Some of you didn't even notice me.  You were expecting to see the Prophet on the altar but no, there I was. If you had stopped and blessed me, even with spare change, wouldn't I have spoken a word into your life? 

Blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives.

Learn to love truly, let the pains of your neighbour affect you.

The Lord says, "...what you fail to do to the brothers and sisters, you have failed to do unto Me.." When you refuse to give to the poor, you have refused to give unto God. When you spit at the dirty beggar, you have spat in the face of God! For it is our responsibility to help these people, and to fail to do so is to fail the Lord your God!You do not need financial breakthrough!